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Flowers right out of the box.

There are lots of occasions when flower bouquets are need. Aside from the typical occasion, like weddings, they can be very nice decorations for holidays. The quickest way to order flowers is online, but that can sometimes lead to irritation. Most of the time, the flowers are all stored on trucks if it’s a holiday and the flowers can be in bad shape by the time they arrive. We had that happen one time on Mother’s Day. My dad ordered flowers for my grandmother and they arrived at her door half dead. But now there is a great new alternative. You can order from The Bouqs.

The Bouqs has been seen on seen on Shark Tank, O! Oprah Magazine, Forbes, E!, The Today Show, and Popsugar. They own their own farm and grow their flowers in rich soil from an active volcano. Since you are ordering directly from them, there is no middle man, which means you flowers will arrive faster and in great condition. Plus, this saves you a lot of money. Unlike other flower companies, The Bouqs chargers a $40 flat fee for all Original size bouquets with free shipping. You order anything you want and not have to worry about the cost.  They also have a concierge service that lets you set up your deliveries in advance.

Since the Fourth of July is right around the corner, they are bringing back their 4th of July Flowers – Red, White and Bouq; a bouquet of roses in red, white and blue. It is lovey and is the perfect centerpiece for a BBQ or a great gift for someone you know.

The Bouqs sent me a gift code so that I could check out their flowers for myself. After browsing all of the beautiful flowers, I went with the Red, White and Bouq. You can choose from 12 roses, 24 roses, or the Grand with 36 roses (prices will vary). The checkout was a breeze. All I had to do was click the ‘Send This Bouq’, fill in all the info, and pick my delivery date. The best part is that the grand total, tax and all, came to exactly $40! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten away that inexpensive at other flower sites.  For picking the delivery date, keep in mind that for the volcano grwon flowers, like what I ordered, it takes at least 10 days…so you can’t just order them last minute.  The earliest delivery date for this particular bouq is June 24, but since I will be out of town that week I went ahead and picked July 2. That way I will have them for the Fourth. I’ll add an update once I receive the flowers and take some pictures of them as well. I can’t wait to get them.

So, whatever the occasion, The Bouqs is definitely the go to place to order flowers.


I received my Red, White, and Bouq bouquet yesterday and they are absolutely gorgeous.  They arrived via FedEx in a nice box.  Like with any flowers, they came with the powder stuff to mix in the water and I trimmed the stems at an angle.  It said on the box that it takes about a day for the roses to fully bloom.  When I got up this morning, they were in full bloom and looking great.  They definitely look tons better than any other flowers I’ve gotten before and well worth the price.

bouq2 bouq3 bouq4





I am received a free boug to help facilitate my review.  I will also make a commission from any sales.

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