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Product Review – Gutsy Chewy

20140524_000239A few weeks ago, I was sent several tubes of Gutsy Chewy. Gusty Chewy is a large chewable tablet that you take to treat an upset stomach. It contains papaya, apple cider vinegar, licorice root, Xylitol, and minerals like calcium and magnesium. It’s available in two flavors: citrus and wildberry. I was sent both flavors to try out.

Each tube has eight tablets…and they are huge! One tablet is about the size of a quarter, and has the thickness of for quarters stacked. To use, take one to two tables when your stomach starts bothering you. Chew them for as long as possible and then swallow.  Don’t take more than two in a 24 hours period.

The first time I took one, I just about gagged. They aren’t the best tasting things, and even after using them several times, I’m still not used to the taste. They are very chalky. It reminds me of the white stuff they make you drink at the hospital if you are having stomach issues…only with a hint of fruit taste in the back. However, they are pretty effective. I feel completely better in about 20 minutes depending on how upset my stomach is.

Overall, Gutsy Chew isn’t too bad. I don’t think that it’s the best tasting stuff ever, but it does work. I keep a tube in my purse in case I need one while I’m out. You can buy them directly from Gusty Chew. They are currently offering several deals when buying multiple tubes starting at $15.99 (+ shipping). You can get more info by visiting the Gusty Chew website.

I received the about mentioned product for free, via Moms Meet, to help facilitate my review.

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