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Guest Article – A Cure for Summer Boredom: Activities the Entire Family can Enjoy

Everyone gets excited about the start of summer time! However, now the question on many parents’ minds is “what do I do to keep the kids entertained?” Instead of going stir crazy this summer have recreational activities in mind so that the kids will never get bored. Get rid of boredom before it even begins by having a plan. If you have planned out several games and activities that the entire family can enjoy this will make the summer even more entertaining. Don’t get bored because the word bored does not exist during the summer! Here are several ideas to keep you busy having fun all summer long.

Create Your Own Video

A great way to get the kids to interact and story tell is by helping them create their very own video. Write a script for them or have them come up with their own story. Then once the script is ready have them rehearse, pick out costumes, and put it on in your house for friends and family members. You can also record it and play it back so they can see how hard they worked! A music video is another fun idea if the kids would rather sing and dance. Mom and dad can also chime in by being a part of the video or being the producer behind the show.

Play Games on a Trampoline

There are so many fun games you can do on a trampoline, and plus is it is great exercise! If you’re a fit mom or dad who doesn’t mind getting a little bit dirty, climb onto the trampoline with your kids and jump away! Give them a goal to jump in the same place ten times in a row without landing somewhere else or play a game with them that requires concentration and determination. They’ll love jumping and playing on the trampoline on a hot summer day. If you don’t yet have trampolines find unique trampolines in Pittsburgh, PA and set it up in your backyard. That way the kids can jump on your trampoline any time they want and as long as the little ones have supervision.

Reorganize the Garage

Do your kids want to make some extra money? Besides reorganizing their bedroom and the house, perhaps the garage is in desperate need of organization. Hire your kids to get the job done. If your older boys have a knack for making cabinets perhaps ask them to make cabinets and drawers in the garage where all of the odds and ends can be stored. The little children can be in charge of folding rags and you can help your kids by assigning yourself your own tasks as well. Together you can all reorganize the garage and create a decorated and tidy space that could perhaps later be converted into a teenage hang out room when it’s cooler in the fall.

Baking Treats Together as a Family

Nothing beats quality time together as a family and one way to make this happen is by baking. If it is way too warm outside come indoors and bake up some delicious summer desserts. You can make cookies, frozen treats, and rainbow cake if you’d like. If there’s a special occasion coming up such as a birthday now is a great time to bake with your kids and teach them how to bake just about anything in the process.


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  1. These are fun ideas! Well…I’m not sure my kids would agree about cleaning the garage, but I think its great 😉

  2. Yes, playing trampoline games if fun & healthy activity that everyone should try to provide to their children!

  3. thanks for you idea, Angela. I voted for a trampoline and baking idea. Such activities help my whole family have great times.
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    I think home based games are the best products you can get for playing with your family. I particularly enjoyed playing monopoly when I was young, now the mobile games have ruined everything to be honest.
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  7. Jennifer Look says:

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  8. These are great ideas. I would ask my kids to clean the garage and organize it or creat our own video and we can watch it again together later. Such as good way to share our memories! Thanks for your post.

  9. Those are really great ideas. My kids love to bake cookies!

  10. Best Trampoline says:

    An excellent idea! But getting kids to do the work looks tricky. But worth a try.

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