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Product Review — The Trellie


For the past two weeks, I’ve been trying out the Trellie.  The Trellie is a device that hooks to your phone via Bluetooth and lights up when you have a call.  This keeps you from missing calls if your phone is in your purse or somewhere else that you can’t hear it ringing.

The Trellie is very easy to use.  It takes two AAA batteries and will connect to any Bluetooth enabled phone.  To connect it, turn on your Bluetooth and have it search for a new device.  Hold the small button down on the front of the Trellie until it starts flashing.  It should pop up as ‘Trellie’ on your device.  Make sure they are paired, and you are good to go.  When the light is flashing fast, a call is coming in.  If it’s a slower flash, then you have a missed call.  You can press the flashing button to get it to stop.

I usually keep my phone in my back pocket depending on what pants or shorts I am wearing.  My current purse doesn’t have a phone pocket, so I try not to put it in there if I can help it.  I clipped the Trellie to my purse strap and promptly forgot about it the first time.  It startled me in the grocery store the first time it started flashing.  It’s been really good to keep with me when I have my phone plugged in so that I don’t miss a call.

Overall, the Trellie is an excellent device and I highly recommend it.  I know a ton of people who could use one, especially my mom.  It sells for $49.99 (+ shipping).  You buy it or get more information at the Trellie website.


I received the above mentioned product for free to help facilitate my review.

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