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Guest Article – How to Maintain Emotional Wellness as a Single Parent

It’s hard enough for married couples to maintain emotional wellness and have children. You can imagine how much more difficult it must be for a single parent. As a single parent, you have to make many important decisions on your own, as well as nurture children to make sure they have the best childhood possible and develop into well-rounded human beings. As a parent, it’s easy to forget that taking care of yourself and your own emotional health is a vital element to caring for your children and maintaining your life.

Manage Daily Worries 

When you start to worry, it’s important to take a look at your physical health as well as emotional. If you’re not getting enough exercise or eating well, it’s easier to carry anxieties that are not good for you. If you find it hard to find time to exercise, the best answer is to pursue fun activities with your children. Take a ball to the park and kick it around, go for a walk around a local body of water, take a dip in the local pool. The activity will instill the importance of exercise in your kids while helping them blow off some energy before bedtime. You’ll be able to spend some quality time with them while staying in shape and finding an outlet for your worries. For more great tips for single moms, visit SingleMommie.com.

Keep a list of the things you’re concerned about, and take ten minutes a day to breathe. Chances are a combination of worries is building up, and some of them may even be irrational. Confide in a close friend. Sometimes getting an outside perspective and an understanding look will help you release any pent up anxiety. 

Don’t Be too Hard on Yourself

With all the pressures of everyday life, it’s important to give yourself a break. Moms receive all types of messages from the internet, movies, and all types of media regarding how to be the perfect mother. Everyone has a different opinion, and what works for one person might not exactly work for others. Listen to other people’s advice, but don’t find your value in it. Some mothers make motherhood look too easy. If their nurturing looks effortless, chances are you’re not close enough to them to know the real story. Comparison is your worst enemy. Surround yourself with other mothers who understand and are rooting for you. 

Paige One writes about all kinds of family related topics, including tips for single moms. 

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