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Guest Article – A Brief Traveling Guide for a New Mother and Baby

If you’ve been meaning to get away and visit a friend or see family members but you’ve recently had a baby, it’s understandable if traveling seems a bit daunting. You’re still new to being a new mom (if this is your first) and what’s more, you will also need to figure out details like whether to book one or two tickets, depending on your baby’s weight. Plan ahead, figure out which flight to take, and make careful and thought-out travel plans that will work best for you and your baby. That way traveling will be a much easier and pleasurable experience for both you and the baby.

Bulkhead Seating Should be the Goal

FAA states that babies who are less than 40 pounds should have their own car seats while flying on a jet, but this is not required. Most moms are seen holding their babies on the airplane, which also works great but the way you go about seating is really up to you. If you do plan on holding your baby during the flight, let the flight agent know ahead of time. That way they will hopefully make it more of a priority for you to be seated in the bulkhead seats, which are located in the front row. Bulk seating is ideal for new mothers because you will have more leg space and more space in general. That way you also won’t have to worry about disturbing the passengers in front of you should you need to change a diaper, breast feed, or do other activities that require privacy and space.

Book a Late Evening or Night Time Flight

Depending on your little one’s sleep schedule, try booking a flight that will line up with your child’s nap or nighttime sleeping arrangements. If your baby is a great night time sleeper this will save you the hassle of dealing with a potentially wiggly or crying baby during your flight. Book an evening or late night flight when you know your little one will have no problem falling sleeping and enjoy a relaxing flight. Also make sure to book a direct flight so you won’t have to deal with getting off and on different planes.

Pack Enough of Everything, and Then Some

If your flight is delayed it’s important to make sure you packed enough of everything. Pack extra snacks, diaper wipes, baby blankets, bottles and formula and clothing. Depending on where you are going, bring clothing that you can add or subtract depending on the temperature. If you do get stuck in an airport for a few extra hours and it is chilly be sure you have a few extra sweaters.

About the Author: Corinne, a new mother, stayed at the Quality Inn Hotel & Suites in Mackinaw City Michigan on her way to visit with a friend. 

Image via: http://www.bmhvt.org/babysteps/travel-with-baby-the-airplane-adventure

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