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Product Review – Red Envelope

I was recently invited to try out Red Envelop, another sister site to both Pro Flowers and Shari’s Berries which I have reviewed in the past. Red Envelope is a gift site that carries unique items along with several items from its sister sites.

Like the other sites, the layout is the same and very easy to navigate. You can search for gift items according to who you are buying it for (for him, for her, ect…), and then break it down the type of item (outdoor, toys, ect…). There are a wide range of very unique item to choose from, including wooden watchers, electronic gadgets & personalized items. I browsed through the Anniversary Gifts for Him, since our anniversary is next month. It only took me a few minutes to find a very neat magnetic light that he can use on his grill. Normally, I would have a line to the item, but it has since sold out and I cannot find it on the site now.  I received the gift about a week later, several days sooner that it was scheduled. I’ve hidden it the closet for the time being until it’s time to give it to him.

The only kicker is the price, but that is easy to get around. Like the other sites, you can easily get coupons at http://www.redenvelope.com/coupon-codes.aspx, as well as by searching for “Red Envelope Coupons” on Google.

Overall, I was very impressed with the site. The price is a bit of an issue, but with the coupons it’s not too bad. Plus, you are getting very good products too…so that makes up for it. You can check out all the neat items for yourself at the Red Envelops website.

I received the following item for free (via gift code) from Red Envelope.

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