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Product Review – EpiCor

A while back, I was asked to test out EpiCor.  EpiCor is a natural ingredient that works to help boost your immune system.  I was sent two bottles, along with some extra goodies as well.
I had somewhat mixed results with this one.  Since I’m not exactly sure what all is in it, I was a bit leery of taking it since I have medicine allergies.  Plus, I already take multi-vitamins and drink a lot of orange juice for the Vitamin C, & I didn’t want to have any bad reactions to stuff mixing.  When I first received my bottle of EpiCor, I had a sinus infection, so I had to wait to finish the antibiotic I was taking before I could start.  I took a pill every other day just to be safe side.

While taking it, I didn’t really notice any difference in the way I felt.  I still was having problems with my sinuses, but was treating it with Claritin. I did notice that this didn’t seem to make my stomach hurt like the probiotics did in the past.  I think that if I was taking it daily that I would get better results, but, as I said, I’m a little nervous about doing that.  

Overall, I’m on the fence about this one.  It didn’t seem to do much for me, but that might not be true for others.  It is worth looking into if you are looking for something to help increase your immune system.  You can get info and find out where you can buy it at the EpiCor website.

I recieve the above mentioned product for free.

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  1. Hi, Angela. My name is Doug Reyes, Sales and Marketing Manager for Embria Health Sciences, the makers of EpiCor.

    First, thanks for trying EpiCor and writing the review!

    Interesting thing about our immune health, we only really know it’s strong and functioning properly when we don’t feel anything. From that stand-point, we’re not surprised that you didn’t notice any difference with how you felt. Your sinus infection probably didn’t help in terms of discovering the real benefits from taking EpiCor. But, that’s life, right?

    We are very glad to hear that you did not experience any side-effects, as you have previously with taking probiotics. We take safety very seriously at Embria, and are very confident that EpiCor is one of the safest supplements out there.

    One final thought: all of the published human research on EpiCor has been on a daily dose of 500 mg. Therefore, in order to achieve maximum benefit, we recommend to your readers a daily regimen with EpiCor.

    Thanks again, Angela, and good luck with your many mommy adventures to come!

    – Doug

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