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Guest Article: Parental Participation in School — Become Involved in Your Child’s Schooling

Did you know that studies have shown that children whose parents share in their child’s knowledge and education do better in school? What’s more, children whose parents have gone to school or are currently enhancing their education on their own have children who have higher grades and test scores, positive attitudes, and will attend effective colleges in the future. Most parents desire nothing more than that their children become successful adults. There are simple ways parents can become more involved in their child’s education, hence improving their test scores and long-term academic achievement. If you’re unsure where to start and you would like to become more involved, here are some ideas to get you started.

Enroll in Classes

Sometimes if you don’t understand something the easiest way to learn is to enroll in classes on your own. Perhaps getting your MPH online will show your child you value education enough to enhance your own degree. Showing that you are willing to put in the work to expand your mind and broaden your opportunities in the world will instill in your children a sense of confidence and purpose. They will see that with work, it really is possible to follow your dreams and make a better life for yourself and for others.

Talk About Educational Issues 

The educational system can always use improvement. Pride yourself in learning about what the current issues are and take a stance to make effective changes. Also discuss these issues with your children and encourage them to be informed about what is going on as well. Emphasize the value of education and the importance of our educational system.

Show Concern About Your Child’s Improvement 

A child loves it when their parents ask about their accomplishments or simply want to know what’s happening at school. Remember, your child spends just as much time at school as you do at work; it is a huge part of their lives. Just as you spend the day with co-workers, your children are spending the bulk of their time with teachers and classmates. Show some interest in your child’s education by staying up-to-date on what he or she is learning and also ask them how you can help them improve.

Read Books to Learn and Share Knowledge With Your Children 

Another simple way to help your child succeed is by reading and learning on your own. Of course going back to school is an excellent way to improve your knowledge, which was previously mentioned, but reading books will also help you learn about current issues while enhancing your reading skills. This is also a great way to spend time with your children in a way that is entertaining but also educational.

If parents show their children the value of education, children will grow up learning to appreciate education and put more effort into doing well. If you’re unable to go back to school at the most basic level you can most certainly encourage the education of your kids by showing them that you put a lot of importance on education too.

About the Author: Corinne is a parent who wants her children to succeed. She is currently furthering her own education by attending Benedictine University online.

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