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Proiduct Review – Kelly Kits

A week ago, I received at Kelly Kit in the mail.  Kelly Kits are a box that comes once a month with various art tools for your child to make something.  Each month follows a different theme & they have a contest for the best creation.  You can make a one time purchase, or buy a monthly subscription.
I was excited about getting the Kelly Kits since my daughter loves arts and crafts.  I was sent an email at the first of the month letting me know that it was shipped and that this month’s theme was ‘collage’.  I was expecting a good-sized box with stuff in it after reading both the description on the website and what I was sent for the promo post that I did earlier last month.  I was also told that I would receive the box no later than the second week of the month.  I didn’t get the kit until the 22nd, and it wasn’t at all what I expected.

The kit ended up being a ‘sculpture’ kit.  It had a small bag of clay powder to mix up, a small page of instructions & a fold out paper about Kelly Kits and where to go to enter the monthly contest.  The instructions told how to mix up the clay, then basically said to stick stuff from around the house into it.  My daughter did have fun mashing it around, but she lost interest in it pretty quick.  I think that she would have enjoyed one of the other kits more.

Overall, I can’t really make an opinion one way or another.  Even though my daughter didn’t like it, that doesn’t mean that she won’t like it when she gets older.  I do think that the descriptions should be a little clearer.  The regular Kelly Kit is really the same thing as the gift packs, only with one activity in it.  The price for the monthly subscription is $9.99, & that’s not bad…I just wish you got a little more in it.  I think that I am getting another kit for this month, so I want to do a follow up review to see what that kit is like before I make up my mind opinion wise.  You can get more info at the Kelly Kits website.

I received the above mentioned product for free from Kelly Kits.

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