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Product Review – Glade Expressions

For the past few weeks, I’ve been testing out the new line of Glade products called Glade Expressions.  The line consists of a room diffuser and a spray.  Both come in a variety of scents and are reasonably priced.
I picked up both items in the pineapple & mangosteen scent.  The room spray was ready to use and puts out a good sized mist.  I didn’t have to spray much at all to get the room smelling great.  The trigger is easy to squeeze and the refill is very easy to remove and replace.

The diffuser only takes about two minutes to snap together.  The decretive bamboo panels blend in with just about any décor.  You don’t even realize that it’s a diffuser until you really look at it.  It took about 3 hours or so for the scent chip to get fully wet.  After that, you could notice the pineapple/mangosteen in the air, but it was very subtle.  It took about a day to fully circulate the room and give it a very pleasant scent.  It has lasted me just a little over a month, due to the fact that I made sure to keep it out of the path of the air conditioner.
Overall, I love the Expressions line.  They have a variety of scents and everything lasts a long time.  Plus, the starter kits and refills are very inexpensive.  Both starter kits were under $4 at my local Walmart and the refills were under $2.  You can get more info at the Glade website.

I received the above mentined products for free through BuzzAgent.

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