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Well, it guess it’f officially severe storm season around here.  Right now, there is a large tornado heading towards Lancaster and is moving North towards Hutchins (I think).  Everyone in the DFW area, make sure to put on the local weather.  News 8 has a live feed of the storm. 

I’ll try to post some updates as I get them.  It’s cloudy here right now, but I know it will be moving in probably in the next hour or so.  Once all this is past, I’ll be able to get back to writing up a few paid posts.  Ugghh…I hate Texas weather!

Now might also be a good time to check out the Store Preparidness article I wrote last year:  http://www.misadvmom.com/2011/06/article-emergency-planning-for-tornado.html

UPDATE 1:  Tornado is friggin huge!!!!!  Possibly F3.  If your not watching News 8, put it on now.  There is also a tornado heading directly towards Arlington.  If anyone in the area knows a link to a live news feed, post it on the comments and I’ll get it up.

UPDATE 2:  Tornado in/near Downtown Dallas.  Tornado reported in Mesquite.

UPDATE 3:  Thankfully, there is nothing goin on in my area for now.  However, I don’t think we’ve ever seen an outbreak like this one before.  Normally, there is maybe one or two in the area and thats it.  There are at least 8 differetn warnings out right now.  It’s crazy!

UPDATE 4:  Here is some live covereage: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/dallas/tornadoes-cause-massive-damage-across-dallas-fort-worth-184640541.html  The video and sound is kind of choppy.

UPDATE 5:  Tornado on the ground in Segovile/Forney/Sunnvale/Mesquite area along I-20.  Holly crap…these storms are getting closer.  My mom, who lives in Forney, is currently in her hallway.  I’m in Terrell, and it’s just now starting to storm.

UPDATE 6:  It was right behind my parent’s house.  It was a small but violent tornado and it almsot took out one of the High Schools.  It’s rain wraped now and heating towards Heath & Rockwall.

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