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Quick Update

I’m still sick, and I’m now kicking myself for not going to the doctor yesterday.  I’ve been having coughing fits that are bad enought to nearly make me throw up, and my voice is all but gone.  Hannah taking to running around with a tissue and blowing her nose everytime I blow mine.  She also covers me up with one of her little blankets, climbs up on the couch with me and pats my head saying “It’s okay mama”.  The good news is Jason is finaly getting a week of vacation!  Hell has officially frozen over!!!!  So, I can get some much needed bed rest this weekend and he can spend some quality time with Hannah.  Hopfully I’ll be back on my feet a bit on Monday, and if not, I will be able to get to the doctor.

Blog wise, don’t expect much to be going on here the next few days, unless something comes up.  There are going to be several giveaways popping up real soon…but I’m not too sure when.  I know one with definetly start next week.  It just depends on how well I’m feeling and when I hear back from sponsors.

So….until Monday I guess.  Though, I hope that it will be sooner.

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  1. Hi, Saw you in the hop, New GFC and Networked Blog Follower, Hope you follow back and come check out my giveaways!


    Hope you feel better!

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