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The funk continues…

I just don’t know what is going on with me.  I’ve been so blah lately and just can’t seem to get anything done, with the exception of today.  I’m attributing my frenzy of cleaning to the nice weather (it’s 75….in January!) and that my writer’s group is having a meeting over here on Sunday.  I think I’m going to see if Trana will bring Barney with her so that I will have an excuse to leave the TV on…so I can catch the Ravens game.

I haven’t seen much of Jason due to all the crap he has going on at work.  He still has three weeks of vacation time he has to take before March (for last year).  If he doens’t take them, then he’ll just have lost them.  He’ll get three more weeks after March for the current year, but with the way everything seems to be going, he won’t get to take any of them.  It would be nice if we could get away for a few night, either just the two of us or as a family.  We really need that time together. 

Mom keeps saying that she’s going to come over and hang out or go do something, but then ends up canceling.  She’s been really out of it since the hysterectomy and barely has the energy to do anything.  In her typical and frustrating fashion, she is refusing to go back to the doctor and either get put on hormones temporally or a B-12 shot.  Frankly, I think all she needs is the B-12 shot and she’ll be fine.  However, she’s an obstinante one and won’t listen.  Dad just came back from a work trip to New York, and seems to have gotten a nasty bought of food poisioning.  Mom him to the doctor this morning, and I’m still waiting to back from them.  It’s funny how she won’t go herself, but has no problem hauling everyone else off.

By the way, is anyone have weird problems with pages loading in IE?  Since that comment update came down, pages w/ comments haven’t been loading right.  I’ve also noticed bugs with writing posts as well.

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  1. Hang in there, Angela! This time of year in general can be quite blah, after the holidays and (in my case) with less sun. Although I’m jealous of your 75. It’s 18 here! Brrrr.

    I hope you feel more energetic soon. I’m stopping by from the Triberr Power to the Mommies group, by the way.

  2. It is a blah time of year..

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