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hmmm…another weekend project

I was working on doing the laundry today when I noticed that it sounds like there is water running under the house again.  From the sound of it, the outflow pipe for the washer broke…which isn’t too bad since I’ve been waiting for an excuse to get Jason to replace it anyway.  The current pipe is probably almost as old as the house and is too small for the washer.  As a result we end up with more water shooting up and onto the
floor than what actually goes down the pipe.  Also, the way the pipe is run is off the wall crazy, so that also contributes to the problem.  I tried getting a hold of Jason earlier in the day to tell him, but didn’t get an answer.  I hope they don’t have him out there watering plants or running a register.  His boss can be such a dick sometimes.

We also need to try to work on the rain gutters/overhang some more as well.  I don’t know when that’s going to get finished since Jason never has a day off.

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