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Product Review: SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks

For the past two weeks, I have been trying out SmartKnitKIDS seamless socks. I received an adult pair for myself and two pairs for Hannah. The socks are seamless and form fitting, so they do not slide down with wear. After wearing them, I must they that they are absolutely wonderful.

Hananh always has a tendency to pull off her socks or just simply wiggle out of them. With the
SmartKnitKIDS, she was unable to do so. In fact, they didn’t bother her one bit. I myself usually buy the ankle cut socks since the crew socks always slide down. These stayed up even while exercising. They will be great to wear with jeans once it gets colder.

The other great thing about them is that my feet didn’t sweat in them at all. In fact, I intentionally wore them three days in a row to test out the claim that fibers in the sock inhibits odor. Sound gross, I know, but I usually end up having to change my socks a few times a day due to getting wet and grimy. The SmartKnitKIDS beat my expectations by a mile. Yes, they were dirty, but not overly so and they didn’t hardly smell at all.

Overall, I was throughly impressed by these socks. If you don’t like seams or simply want socks that don’t fall down, these are the one to buy. You can get more information about them at their website: SmartKnitKIDS.com

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I will be holding a contest soon to win a pair of these socks, so keep an eye out for the post.

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