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Delta Crib Recall status

Delta did a recall on all of their drop-side cribs last month.  I have one, but didn’t know that they were recalled until about a week ago.  I’ve only had one problem with my crib:  for some reason, people (mostly my mother-in-law) feel that they have to violently shake the side to get it down, which makes the side catch fall out of place in the slider…which I then have to entirely take apart to get everything working right again.

So, on the 29th when I saw that the cribs had been recalled, I went ahead and ordered the replacement parts to make it immobile.  The Delta site said it wasn’t necessary to use them if your crib was working, but the CPSC, however, said to stop using the crib immediately.  After filling out the info, it said that it would take 2 to 4 weeks and that I would receive an email when it’s shipped.  2 to 4 weeks?!?!?!?!?!  That’s absolutely ridicules!  You’d think that they would get it out way faster than that.

Today it’s been five days…so we’ll see how long it actually takes.

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