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Product Review: Bumbo Seat

My mother-in-law, Sandy, made a big fuss about these and said I needed to buy one.  I told her I wasn’t about to spend $40 on one when Hannah could already sit up at 2 1/2 months.  She ended up buying two at a yard sale and brought them over.

Hannah has used the lilac one several times and once with the tray.  She sits at such an odd angel in it that it makes her uncomfortable.  She won’t sit still in it and will quickly climb out of it.  Her legs also get wedged in the leg holes at times as well.  The tray is good because I can put her food on it…but that only occupies her for a few minutes before she’s trying to get out of it again.

Bumbos are good if your baby is just starting to sit up, but after that they are pretty useless.  It’s not worth the $40 to only be able to use it about a month or two.

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