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Product Review: VentAire 6oz. Bottles

My mother-in-law picked up two of these for me.  The VentAire bottles are supposed to keep your baby from having gas, colic, and spit-up issues by venting out the air while he/she drinks. To achieve this, they have an angled bottle and a two piece bottom with air holes and seal. I’ve always heard good reviews about these bottles so I was eager to use them. However, they had some problems.

First of all, they leak…a lot, and for no apparent reason. At first I though I either forgot the seal at the bottom
or didn’t have the top/bottom screwed on all the way. As it turns out, no matter how tight you have everything screwed on, formula still manages to leak out around the nipple and the holes at the bottom. It’s especially bad while shaking the bottle. I lost count of how may times I found formula splatter on the blinds and wall…and that’s with the protective cap on over the nipple.

Second, there are no latex nipples available for these bottles that I could find. Only the silicone ones are available. I find that rather annoying being that Hannah prefers the latex. As a result, she did not like being feed with these bottles.

Third, they did not seem at all effective at preventing gas, colic, and spit-up. I know that no matter what you use, your baby will have some sort of gas or spit-up problem.  But the gas issues almost seemed worse with these bottles. I ended up have to mix Mylicon in with the formula every time I fed using these bottles.

Fourth, the bottle is made of a total of five individual pieces: nipple, lid, bottle, rubber seal, & bottom.  To me that’s overkill and totally unnecessary.  My parents, who are only used to using normal bottles, forgot the seal on a few occasions causing more than normal leakage. They found it to be overly annoying and ended up using only the Drop-Ins when feeding her.

Overall, I was extremely disappointed with them. After about 3 weeks of use, I gave up and stopped using them unless I absolutely had too. I wouldn’t recommend these bottles to anyone.



  • too many parts
  • no latex nipples available (that I know of)
  •  leaks
  • made gas issues worse

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