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long day yesterday

My day got totally screwed up yesterday.  I didn’t even get to write about Day 4 of the workout.  I’ll get to that later, after I do todays workout.

Anyway, we went to WalMart yesterday and I took us over two hours to get out of there.  Everyone was stoping us to look at Hannah.  I wish there was another WalMart to go to besides the one Jason works at.  I won’t shop at the Forney store (long story), and its’ too much hassle to get to the Rockwall store.  Mom and dad came over later in the evening, and Hannah was hyper.  She’s spent the last three days bouncing around and squeeling with glee.  Mom thought it was the funniest thing ever.  She wants dad to bring the video camera over today so he can send the video to my grandparents in Baltamore.

Today, Hannah has been just as hyper.  She sleeping right now…she wore herself out.  I’ll be waking her up in a bit so she can eat her rice cereal and have her bottle.

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